Our planet is an incredibly dramatic place not only visually in nature, but also in what people say and do. . . . . . . .

News from around the world 8/19/2021

China Won't Dial Down Aggression, Taiwan Preparing for the Worst: Official - MSN
Drought Choked Colorado River water shortage - theverge.com
Hati Earthquake 7.2 death toll nearing 1,300 -
Wildfires around the globe
- AP
Gulf of Mexico’s ‘dead zone’ larger than average this year - AP
Africa's most populous city is battling floods - CNN
Greenland loses 8.5 billion tons of surface mass on Tuesday 7/27/2021 - CNN
The US West's historic drought in 3 maps - CNN
Why is snow in the Alps turning red? - BBC
Wildfires in southern Turkey - AP
China's once in a Thousand years rain - CNN
Biggest earthquake in 50 years - NatGeo
Cicada infestation in the billions - CBS
Australia mouse plague - MSN
British Columbia wildfires 10 times more than 1990 - NatObs

Our goal is to show you all of the dramatic planet events in one place.
The bigger picture begins to show itself that there is more going on than we realize.


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